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10 days in Colombia

10-Day Tour of Colombia: 

What does discovering Colombian mean to you? Colombia is a country with so much to offer and so much to see that there is an endless amount of opportunities for adventure and discovery that 10-days will never do it justice. Traveling with LiveColombia, we focus on producing a once-in-a-lifetime vacation that highlights the most important and special touch points of this majestic country. Every region in Colombia has its own distinct culture, food, music and lifestyle. From the bustling metropolis of Bogota, to the coffee fields and quaint towns of Solento/Armenia and of course the salsa capital of the world, Cali - Colombia is a country that offers it all. Further locations not to be missed include the Colombian Coast of Cartagena, Santa Marta and Barranquilla, as well as the hidden gem of Bucaramanga, Santander with its colonial towns of Barichara and it's hub for adrenaline junkies San Gil (canoeing, rafting, paragliding, cave exploration and so much more). 

With only 10-days in Colombia, please review our recommended tour itinerary and trip highlights:


Day 1-3: Discover Bogotá


Day 1

La Candelaria - Walking tour of downtown location, government buildings, Bolivar Plaza, Gold Museum, Botero Museum 

Day 2

Travel to the Salt Cathedral. Located 1 hour outside of Bogota: This underground church built within the tunnels of a salt mine 200 metres underground in Cundinamarca, Colombia.

Day 3

Choice of morning activity: For those into hiking and beautiful mountain scenery: Mt. Monserrate is for you. Hike the 1.30 hour mountain to achieve a 360 degree view of Bogota and visit the church at the top of the hill. For those more interested in bohemian Bogota, we can take you to Usaquén to see the craftspeople sell their wares, the coffee shops, outdoor parks and of course the food!

Travel to Bucaramanga, Santander 


Day 4

Enjoy the first half of the day in the country club, swimming, golfing, tennis and massage opportunities. Idea is to rest after changing cities and locations. 

In the afternoon, a city tour of Bucaramanga, with visits to the famous parks, churches and historical sites of the City of Parks.  In the evening, take the trolley up to Santisimo and discover the city of Bucaramanga at night.

Day 6-7

Travel to the prettiest colonial town in Santander, Baricharra. Walk the cobblestone streets with a guided tour. This magical town is famous for many things including the Tuscany-like views, its hiking trails, tremendous culinary cuisine and so much more. Along the way, you'll stop at smaller, more quaint colonial towns like Curiti and for those who like action, a day in San Gil can offer river rafting, cave exploration and paragliding!

Day 5

Mesa De Los Santos. Coffee tour of the famous Mesa De Los Santos Coffee Farm. Followed by an afternoon at the Mercado Campesino (farmers market) for an opportunity to taste the local foods and buy handmade crafts and trinkets. Dinner and salsa dance class at night. 

Day 8

Wake up and travel to the airport to catch your flight to Cartagena:



After arriving in Cartagena, you'll have the afternoon to enjoy the beach and relax. After dinner, take a horse and carriage tour of the old city and see Cartagena by night. 


Day 9

Pick- up by boat and time for island hopping and caribbean sea exploration. Travel the seas on your own private yacht, complete with captain and stewards! A cooler of fresh drinks, a private island stop-over for a fresh fish lunch and enjoy all the blue water and white sand, and snorkeling you desire. 

Day 10

Tour of Cartagena, the old-city. Museums, cultural monuments, castles and learn about the history of Simon Bolivar, the Spanish conquerors, the slave trade, the music and the food that makes Cartagena one of the most romantic, historical, interesting cities in the world. A closing ceremonies with local tribal dancers, musicians and food will be the proper send off and a way to conclude one of the more special vacations of your lifetime!


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